Healty Cherry Lipstick

Nowadays, lipsticks have become a necessary makeup product for most women. However, most lipsticks in the current market contain artificial colorants, paraffin, and wax. With long-term use, these ingredients can cause peeling, cracking, lead and mercury poisoning, lip discoloration or dullness, premature aging and many other negative effects. Therefore, the most important thing to look for in a lipstick is the use of healthy and natural ingredients!

Legend Age Healthy Cherry Lipstick is a natural and healthy lipstick with heme peptide bionic effect and three-dimensional sun protection thanks to its various natural and green active ingredients. It is an award-winning lip care product recognized by the Chinese beauty industry, fashion industry, and government agencies.

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West India Cherry Extract: Enriched with anthocyanin and iron. Sensitive to the skin pH. Adjusts lip colour naturally and prevent lips from aging.
Imported Beeswax: Repairs lip-lines, cheilitis and peeling. Keep your lips moisturized.
Vitamin E Oil: Reducing pigments, lightening the colour of dark lips
Titanium dioxide: effectively deflects UV rays, reduces sun damage, and brightens and protects lip skin.



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BeautyCorp于2018年由Nicole Soo经营。我们只售卖亲身用过的优质产品,所有产品皆是正品。

BeautyCorp founded in year 2018 by Nicole Soo. We only sell quality products used in person, all products are genuine.

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