ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink (30gm x 30’s)

ORIgenPlus Collagen offers something to help you regain a radiant and youthful appearance. It is the most valuable collagen beauty drink in the market. Every sachet is packed with 5000mg hydrolyzed low molecule size deep sea fish-derived collagen and other active ingredients as its patented formula that is designed to helps rejuvenating, brightening, and firming, unlock beauty from within.

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The Best Collagen Beauty drink in town
• 150,000mg for 30 days
• Hydrolyzed low molecule collagen
• Beta Carotene
• Healthy & beauty function
• International safety & quality standard
What is Collagen?
Collagen is a “beauty” protein found in our bones, teeth and hand muscles which supports cellular activity. Simply to say, collagen helps skin stay firm and bouncy. However, as we age, the supporting pillars sag or the spring wear out, the “padding” of our skin dissipates; there will be loss of firmness and wrinkles and other aging problems start to appear.
Having these problems lately?
• Dehydrated skin and dull complexion
• Forehead wrinkles and neck wrinkles
• Appearance of laugh lines
• Marks and scars that are difficult to heal
• Sagging skin
• Eye bags
• Double chin
• Pimples and acne

G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink is
Excellent raw materials:G A M harnesses the collagen peptide of the highest grade deep sea fish collagen with low molecule size, added with powerful anti-aging vitamin C, beta carotene and etc that help to restore youthful vitality to skin.
Easy and convenient: A sachet a day at anytime, anywhere.
0% fat & low calories:Contains no fat, cholesterol and low in calories.
Nutritious & delicious: More than just a tasty treat, every sip is packed with lots of beauty & healthy goodness.
Safety and quality:One of few collagen products insured with product liability insurance up to millions.
How G A M ORIgenPlusCollagen Beauty Drink works?
• Nurturing: 5000mg hydrolyzed low molecule deep sea fish collagen per sachet.
• Hydrating: Locks in skin cells moisture for long hours.
• Boosting: Enhance production of collagen and elastin.
• Repairing: Helps scars and marks to heal.
• Rejuvenating: make skin firmer, smoother and younger.
• Brightening: Vitamin C and beta carotene help to lighten pigmentation.
Total Beauty Formula in a Sachet
5000mg hydrolyzed low molecule deep sea fish collagen in every sachet
Every sachet contains premium hydrolyzed low molecule deep sea fish collagen that allows immediate absorption by the body to plump up the skin.
Vitamin C (508mg) in every sachet
It is essential to consume collagen together with vitamin C as it plays an important role in supporting the absorption of collagen. Vitamin C is effective for skin lightening and it helps to reduce scars, dark and age spots.
Powerful antioxidant Beta Carotene in every sachet
It is a powerful antioxidant that essential in maintaining healthy skin. It is also effective for UV-protection and skin lightening.
High quality Dextrose Mono-hydrate
It provides energy source for blood stream and other bodily functions which is essential in maintenance of healthy skin. It helps to excrete body heatiness, which is the cause of acne and pimples.
Who should take G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink?
• Age 25 and above
• Coffee Drinker
• Under Pressure
• Exposes Under Sun
• Always Stay Up Late
• Alcoholic Beverage Drinker
• In Aircon Environment
• Smoker and 2nd Hand Smoker
• Traveler

G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink General Questions:
1. What is Collagen?
Collagen is a protein found in our bones, teeth and hand muscles, and nails which supports cellular activity. 75% of our body skin is made up of collagen that helps to keep our skin stay firm and bouncy. Recent research proves that we start loosing collagen even in our twenties due to pollution in our environment.
2. Who needs Collagen?
Everyone needs collagen to provide the pure amino acids required for healthy skin, hair, nails, joint and other tissues.
3. When is the best time to consume G A M ORIgenPlus?
The best time to take this healthy, delicious G A M ORIgenPlus is in the morning before breakfast or at night before going to bed. In the morning, our body absorption is at its peak. At night, body rebuilds, G A M ORIgenPlus collagen helps heal scars and skin renewal too.
4. How soon will I be able to see the results?
Every individual reacts differently to any supplement. Some may see immediate results while others may take longer due to age and health condition. It is advisable that you consume G A M OrigenPlus daily to obtain the best results and feel a difference in your skin between 14 days and 28 days of skin renewal.
5. Any side effects?
There is no evidence on any side effects as collagen is derived from natural sources and comes without additives meaning it is as natural as the foods that we can consume everyday.
6. Will I gain weight by consuming G A M ORIgenPlus?
One sachet of G A M ORIgenPlus contains only low calories and 0% of fat. No matter you are on diet plan or not, it is suitable for daily consume.
7. Can pregnant or lactating women take collagen supplement?
Pregnant or lactating women are not recommended to take any form of supplement. If insist to do so, one should consult their doctor prior to consuming it.
8. The proper way to consume?
Our nutritionists recommend the beginners to drink continuously for 7-14 days, once achieved the expected result, users may switch to drink once every 2-3 days to maintain the result.
Direction of use: Pour 1 sachet into a 200ml cup of water. Taste better if serving by cold water.

• 皮肤干燥脱水
• 额头及颈部出现细纹
• 笑纹,唇纹,鱼尾纹等越见明显
• 疤印久久不退(色斑,暗疮)
• 肌肤下垂
• 眼袋问题
• 双下巴浮现
• 暗疮及粉刺
• 5000毫克取自深海洋的微分子水解性深海鱼胶原蛋白肽
• 508毫克的维生素C
• 胡萝卜素
• 源自法国的高级单水葡萄粉
选择 G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink的理由
顶级原料 : 采用纯净的微分子水解性深海鱼胶原蛋白肽,加上维生素C,胡萝卜素等独家配方富含大量的抗氧化元素,有助延缓肌肤老化。

方便饮用 : 一天只需一包,随时随地都可以饮用。
零脂肪/低卡路里: 每包不含脂肪和胆固醇。
可口美味 : 鲜橙口味,可用冷水冲调,好喝!
品质受保证 :成功投保高达2百万的产品责任保险,是市场上少数拥有此资格的美容饮品,证明可长期饮用,绝无副作用。


G A M ORIgenPlus Collagen Beauty Drink常见问题:
1. 什么是胶原蛋白?
2. 谁需要胶原蛋白?
3. 什么时候喝G A M ORIgenPlus功效最好?
早餐前和临睡前喝G A M ORIgenPlus的功效都很好。因为清晨是身体开始大量吸收养分的好时机;晚间则是肌肤投入修复工作的时段。

4. 需喝多久才可见到效果?
一般上连续喝14天左右,便可见到效果!当然,每个人的体质和吸收能力都不一样,因此见效的速度也因人而异。有些人一个礼拜便有显著的效果,有些则需多喝几天。健康的肌肤周期应该介于28天左右,因此建议大家多给自己时间,并让肌肤慢慢调理。因为G A M ORIgenPlus给您的肌肤调理是由内至外的,给您的效果也是长期的。
5. 会有副作用吗?
不会。胶原蛋白是人体所需的重要养分。我们需要从每天的饮食中摄取充足的胶原蛋白,以帮助骨骼和肌肤保持弹性。况且,G A M ORIgenPlus是天然的极纯鱼类胶原蛋白,没有报告显示食物中的天然胶原蛋白会带来副作用。
6. G A M ORIgenPlus适合正在减肥的人士吗?
每一包G A M ORIgenPlus只含有低卡路里和0%脂肪,绝对适合正在减轻体重的人士。


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